Welcome to the new and improved website of First Christian Church of Water Valley, Mississippi!  We are glad you found us and decided to stop and check us out today!  A special welcome is extended to you Ole Miss students who saw our article in the Daily Mississippian newspaper!  I hope you will look around our site and read some of the past articles and check out the pictures that have been posted.  By reading and looking you will be able to get a little idea of what is going on here in the Valley.  But, I hope you won’t stop there.  I want to invite you to check us out in person.  Experience the love of God and southern hospitality that you will find here at First Christian Church.  I am looking forward to meeting you.  You are special to Jesus; You are special to us!

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What a Week!

WOW! WHAT A WEEK! Although Kevin and crew could say that about their trip to DC, Mary and I would say that about our trip and experiences in Louisville, KY at the North American Christian Convention! We certainly appreciate the church providing for us to attend this gathering of brothers and sisters in Christ from across the nation. This year’s theme was “TOGETHER IN CHRIST” as approximately 11,000 Christians from instrumental Christian Churches/Churches of Christ were joined by approximately 1,000 Christians from the a cappella Churches of Christ. Downtown Louisville was a beautiful city setting, in spite of the pan handlers and the homeless people sleeping outside a nearby church. However the most beautiful thing was the worship at the convention center! Worship teams from Richland Hills Church of Christ in Fort Worth, TX and Southside Christian Church in Orlando, FL led us in singing with and without instruments. In both cases the music was magnificent and magnified the Lord Jesus Christ. The stirring sermons were brought by brothers from both sides of the keyboard. My favorite was the message from Jeff Walling of the Church of Christ in Charlotte, NC. The exhibits were educational. The fellowship was fabulous. And the workshops were wonderful. Words cannot adequately describe the experience. As I said last Sunday, it was the greatest NACC I have ever attended! Lord willing this Sunday night, July 16 we will start sharing some of the messages by way of DVD on the big screen. Do your best to attend! You will be glad you did!

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Shooting for the Stars!

Yesterday, March 5, saw the beginning of our “Shoot For the Stars” Bible School attendance contest! Our Ladies’ Class shot ahead by exceeding their goal by 7! My L.I.F.E. class came in second as we surpassed our goal by 3. Other classes surpassing their goals were Gail H.’s Middler class, Teri R.’s Jr. High / Sr. High Class, and the Men’s class! Congrats to each one. We had a total of 79 for Sunday School! If you are not already a part of one of our Sunday School classes, come join us this Sunday at 9:00 a.m.! You will enjoy the fellowship and the study of God’s Word! Just a thought… I like the term “Bible School” better than “Sunday School” because it emphasizes what we study, not the day we study.

The spirit at yesterday’s Morning Worship Service was above average! Like someone said, “The singing sounded like we had 200 in attendance.” Someone else said, “They really got into ‘The Name of the Lord’ song!” If you live in the Water Valley / Oxford, MS area and are looking for a church family where the truth is spoken in love and Jesus Christ is exalted, we invite you to visit with us. As one furniture store says, “It’s worth the drive!” I believe being a part of FCC is worth the drive also!

We are still seeking God’s leading as we search for a man to come serve with us as an Associate Minister of Youth and Family. Please keep this need in your prayers.

I hope to see you this coming Sunday! Remember, six more weeks remain in our “Shoot For the Stars” contest, so it is still anybody’s contest to win!

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A Warm, Cold Day!

“David, has your brain be frozen?” you may be asking. “A Warm, Cold day? Yes, yesterday was both! The temperature outside was cold, 17 at Sunday School time; but there was a nice warm building and a warm spirit of worship here at First Christian. Although many churches in our area cancelled services, we pressed on. Our attendance was certainly down but those who were here had their hearts warmed by the love of God as we worshipped Him together. If you were among the many absent please know that we missed you and hope to see you back soon. BY THE WAY, due to the threat of bad weather the Spaghetti Dinner, planned for yesterday was postponed until March 5. Tickets for this youth fund-raiser are still available.

The pitter-patter of little paws is being heard around the parsonage this week as we dog-sit Wookie, Donny and Starr Guest’s maltese puppy! Mary and I have already had a great time playing with her. It is certainly a big responsibility but we are glad we could help. Aside from the fun of playing with her and watching her play with her many toys, we certainly know we need to take her outside to take care of business, feed her, brush her teeth, comb her hair, and clean up when accidents occur. But that all comes with being a pet owner – permanently or temporarily. Along that line, I was thinking, being a Christian brings with it many joys but also some responsibilities. There are many who want to accept the joys of the Christian life, such as the forgiveness of sins, the hope of eternal life, the presence of the Holy Spirit, the privilege of knowing the love of God, plus so much more. However, when it comes to attending worship, reaching out to others, being a servant, giving generously, and living daily for the Lord, well, many would just as soon forget these things. Let me encourage you to show your love for the Lord by not only accepting God’s blessings into your life but by fulfilling the work He has prepared for you to do. I hope to see you Sunday as we close out our special “Love Month” emphasis. Always remember that I love you and hope it shows in my words, actions, and attitude.

P.S. If you read this I would enjoy hearing from you!

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Love Month Continues

Love month continued yesterday (2/12) here at First Christian Church! We had good services in the morning and the evening. It was certainly good to have visitors in worship with us! I hope you got a chance to meet them. There was a wonderful spirit in the worship time and our Valentine Banquet was enjoyed by all who came. Thanks to the men for putting together an excellent meal of ham, green beans, baked potato, roll, and banana pudding. We had some good laughs at “The Battle of the Sexes – Knowledge Bowl”! Thanks to the Larry & Rachel Bell, Tim & Cheryl Hughes, and Billy & Ruth Wilbourn for being such good sports! Thanks to Mary for being an excellent game show host! The competition came down to a toss-up tie breaker question which the men got right! Way to go men! Our Love Mail Box was overflowing with love notes! Thanks to Polly Reed for volunteering to sort them and help deliver them. She is assisted by Tadrica Wilks! We were sorry to hear that while George Lambert was at church Sunday morning that someone stole his station wagon and tools from his front yard. It just goes to remind us that even when we are doing God’s will there will be some storms along the way. I hope you will make the effort to be with us Sunday as we continue to turn our attention on Philippians 2 and learn how we can “Be A Valentine!” Visitors are always welcome! Remember our new morning service times: 9:00 Sunday School and 10:00 Worship. Let’s continue to love the Lord and one another!

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Katrina Concerns

It was one week ago today that Hurricane Katrina stormed ashore in the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast area of our country. Here in Water Valley we got off pretty easily. We had high winds and heavy rains and some were without power for a few days but our condition is nothing compared to the death,despair and destruction that many are experiencing three hundred miles south of us. However, the main reason for this blog is to say “Thank you!” to the many Christian Churches and individuals who have e-mailed or called us concerned about our situation. I have received contact from California, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylania, Tennessee, Kansas, and Wyoming saying they were praying for us and asking if they could help in any other way. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONCERN! Let’s keep working together out of love for Christ and His Church to help the hurting both near and far.

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