called to serve
October 2017

Greeter: Mary Freeman
Communion Preparation: Teri Rounsaville
A.M.: Rachel Bell [O] & Lou Ann Holt [P]
P.M.: Mary Freeman
Sunday Flowers: B.B. & Roger Thomas

Sound and Video Projectionist: Hannah Higdon
Worship Team: Deniece Fowler & A.J. Hughes
Worship Leader: Neal Eubanks
Sunday Night Song Leader: Donny Guest

Sunday Morning Nursery Workers
1 - Gail Herrera and Shirley House
8 - Pam Timmins and Lorraine Stark
15 - Patricia Eubanks and A.J. Hughes
22 - Virginia Scanlon and Betty Potts
29 - Betty Potts

Communion Scripture / Meditation
1 - Donny Guest
8 - Donny Guest
15 - Jerry Holt
22 - Eddie House
29 - Billy Wilbourn

At the Table
1 - Billy Wilbourn, Lee Eubanks, Dalton Higdon, Tim Hughes, Al Reed, Bill Bo Samuels, JW Tutor, Steve Hardy, Jerry Hill, Steven Gordon
8 - Larry Bell, Jeff Clements, Al Reed, Lee Eubanks, Billy Wilbourn, Jerry Hill, Richard Walker, Tim Hughes, Matt Samuels, Dalton Higdon
15 - Lee Eubanks, Bill Bo Samuels, Donny Guest, Jerry Hill, Jeff Clements, Steve Hardy, Steven Gordon, Ronnie Stark, Richard Walker, JW Tutor
22 - Jerry Holt, Donny Guest, Lee Eubanks, Steve Hardy, Larry Bell, Tim Hughes, Billy Wilbourn, Lee Jones, Matt Samuels, Steven Gordon
29 - Eddie House, Jeff Clements, Jerry Holt, Bill Bo Samuels, Billy Wilbourn, Steven Gordon, JW Tutor, Steve Hardy, Tim Hughes, Matt Samuels

Round Up Man: Billy Wilbourn
Name in Italics: Offering Prayer