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Youth Christmas Musical Time

For many of you this Sunday night will be the time for this year’s youth Christmas musical. The youth, however, have been living their Christmas musical for several months! They started rehearsals on their Christmas program back in August, and they’ve really been working hard.

Besides rehearsals, a lot of work goes on in the background, and we’re really blessed to have so many people who can help with so many different things. Over the years we’ve had a lot of people who have done a lot of things to help with the musicals, and we’re still benefitting from many of those.

Most of our newer members never met Mrs. Ethel King. She worked with the adult choir at the church for many years, and she worked with lines and staging for many of the youth musicals. Mandy, Sonya, Margaret, and I all remember being on stage under her direction. One year when the youth choir was traveling a lot, she decided that we needed some additional lighting for the stage, and she bought a really nice set of lights that we still use to this day.

Over the years Pam and Starr have done a lot of painting and decorating to help with the various performances. They’ve literally spent days working on scenery for the programs. Bill Bo and J.W. have done a lot of construction over the years as well. Mae Lindsey and Betty Potts have both done a lot of costume work, and that work has really enhanced the youth productions. The work that these folks have done shows up again and again year after year as the group uses and re-uses the things that have been made for them.

It’s especially interesting to me to see Mandy and Sonya and Margaret on stage. They were in the youth choir as children. At that time Starr and Pam were the adults who helped the youth learn their songs and then put on costumes and went onstage to help with the production. Now the girls are the adults on stage helping the younger ones with their programs.

And then there are the meals! Every year we have a great group of people who prepare the meals that fuel our Wednesday night rehearsals. I’ve said it many times before about our church: we eat well, and we eat often!

When you see the youth musical Sunday night, you’ll see a lot of kids who have worked really hard to put on their production. And for every child you see on stage, there were people in the background who also helped to make things happen. Come on out Sunday night, and encourage the youth in their work.