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Snow Days

Who doesn’t like a snow day? We do get them sometimes here in the south, but they’re few and far between. We’ve really been blessed with them over the last month!

First of all, we had a white Christmas! Yes, here in Mississippi – a white Christmas. It’s one of those things we dream about and we sing about, but they happen so rarely. Someone told me that the last time Water Valley had a white Christmas was 1963! I hadn’t even been born yet the last time the town had one.

And then there were those glorious days in January. I’m sure the school children all enjoyed their time off from school.

Snow days are very rare here, but they’re very special when we get them. Seeing all the snow reminds me of the great variety God has given us in this world. There are varieties of climates and varieties of animals and plants that thrive in those climates. There are varieties of geology. There are many different types of beauty throughout the world, and it’s impossible to live in one place and enjoy them all. But it is very possible to enjoy the beauty where you live. I love to travel and see new things, but seeing my hometown covered in a soft blanket of snow was very special.

It was so special that it reminded me to slow down, open my eyes a little wider, and enjoy the beauty that’s here all around me.

Happy snow days, everyone.