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MCYC 2006 – It was a wild and stormy night . . .

“It was a wild and stormy night.” Isn’t that how Snoopy used to start his novels? We certainly had our share of wind, rain, and lightning as we traveled down to Macon Friday afternoon. A stop at McDonald’s in West Point left us soaked and shivering as we munched our burgers and fries.

When we arrived at the camp, we learned that the airplane carrying our speaker, Dusty Frizzell, was delayed and had been rerouted to avoid some of the worst of the weather. We made a minor schedule change, and by the time we had polished off some snacks, Dusty was there and ready to go.

The first main session opened with music by Desperate Peace followed by Dusty’s message. The evening closed with small group time.

MCYC 2007???

Here we are in the middle of MCYC 2006, and the group is already hard at work on MCYC 2007. The program theme has been set: Extreme Makeover. Some class ideas have already been suggested, so the idea is slowly taking shape. The next two big tasks will be finding a speaker and praise band. We’ve had some great speakers over the years, and it’s always interesting to find out who the next one will be. The dates for next year’s conference have already been set, so plan ahead for February 2-4, 2007.