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Way to Go, Teens!

I really have to hand it to the teenagers this year. They have had great attendance throughout VBS, and I’m really impressed at how many are turning out and bringing their friends.

Teenage years can be tough. You’re trying to figure out who you are and where you fit in, and sometimes it seems like you don’t really belong anywhere. And then add the problem that sometimes the world tries to make you believe that church just isn’t cool.

I’m really proud of our teenagers, because they’re reminding us that church IS cool, and they’re here to prove it!

VBS 2006

Vacation Bible School 2006 is underway! VBS time always brings back childhood memories of my own time in Bible School and the excitement I felt as we started the week. Excitement was the word for describing the first night! The kids are having a blast! They’re excited about the decorations, and they’re excited about their snacks. Best of all, they’re excited about what they’re learning!

This place is BUSY! With all the teachers and students and group leaders and kitchen workers and craft leaders and nursery workers, the building just hums with activity. If you haven’t made it in for Vacation Bible School yet, don’t miss another night!

On the Big Screen

Vacation Bible School is always a great place for meeting new friends. For many people, it’s also a chance to visit with old friends you haven’t seen much since school ended. With so many friends around – both new and old – it’s a great time to see people really enjoying themselves.

Matt has been busy taking pictures, and we’ve already enjoyed a lot of those during our closing each night. Isn’t it funny how he always seems to catch you with your mouth full or with a funny expression on your face? Well that just seems to go along with all the laughs and fun of VBS.

Keep your eyes open, and look for yourself “on the big screen”!