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Break Down the Doors

In his messages this weekend Robin has emphasized the problems that DOORS cause for Christians. People come to church, they hear the Word, they are inspired, and they’re ready to go out and win the world for God. But then they hit the doors.

Somehow as we pass through the doors of the church, everything changes. Maybe we lose our enthusiasm. Maybe we lose our determination. Maybe we once again fear ridicule or persecution. Whatever the reason, we are not the same people outside the church doors that we were inside when we felt so inspired.

Why are the doors so frighteningly transforming? If the doors are our problem, then lets find a way to break them down. Don’t let “the doors” keep you from accomplishing your Christian mission.

MCYC 2008 – Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts from the speakers . . .

95% of all people who attend church today have never won anyone to Jesus.
(I’m not sure about the source of this data, but it’s a staggering and frightening statistic.) This really blows the 80/20 rule out of the water! Just imagine if that other 95% would get to work!

God is not worried about your ability. He wants your availability.

Worship is not about you; it’s everything about God.

MCYC 2008 – Who’s Who?

We’re down in Macon, MS, for this year’s Mississippi Christian Youth Conference. The Isaac Schade Band is here to provide the music, and Robin Sigars is here as the featured speaker. Robin currently serves as the Senior Minister at the Carterville Christian Church in Carterville, MO. Robin served as Associate Director of Christ in Youth for 17 years, and is uniquely qualified to speak to the hearts of today’s youth.

We have a good crowd from the Valley here this weekend: Chelsey, Zack, Ben, Jennifer, Devin, Abby, BB, and Kevin. We’re looking forward to an exciting weekend here in Macon, and we’re looking forward to growing closer to the One who loves us.