MCYC 2009

We’re down in Macon for MCYC 2009. This time around we have Chelsey Bratton, Ben Chapman, Abby Cobb, Devin Cobb, Taylor Deal, Michael Schroeder, and Cheryl Hughes. It looks like we’ll have another interesting lineup this year. Our speaker is Shane Wood from Joplin, MO. He is currently serving as the Associate Director of the Institute for Christian Resources. This year’s worship band is Four Days Late from Jacksonville, AL. Keep watching for more updates.

This year’s format is a little different. This number of classes has been reduced to four, and the weekend schedule has been modified to allow everyone to attend each of the classes. I think this will be a good change, and it will allow the students to experience the full range of content without missing out on anything. The Lakewood building is already filling up, and it looks like everyone is ready for a great time.

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