I loves me some Olympics!

I really enjoy watching the summer Olympics. From the opening ceremony through to the closing ceremony of the games, I will literally watch hours and hours of programming. From the high profile sports to the less popular ones, I’m glued to the television when the Olympics are on.

I enjoy watching most of the events, but I prefer single events. I enjoy the team sports, but the sports featuring individual competitors are my favorites. To me these foster such a pure spirit of competition – the pursuit of individual athletic excellence. In these events there is certainly an element of competing against other athletes, but there is also an aspect of personal excellence and striving to improve one’s personal performance.

I think this has a logical analogy with living a Christian life. Christians constantly try to improve. We constantly try to live more Christ-like lives. Each day we strive to be better than we were the day before. The big difference of course, is that we are not competing against our fellow Christians. We are trying to live better lives for our own spiritual growth and benefit, and we try to do this because it is what our Savior wants us to do.

While we’re all enjoying the spirit of Olympic competition, this is a great time to remember that we can all strive to set a new personal best every day.

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